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ILVE 600 Series compact ovens set a new standard in technology and appearance and has many functional advantages over its competitors. The name compact may sound small but these ovens boast a cooking capacity of 70 litres. Look into the ILVE compact oven and you will see the grill is recessed and not hanging down into the oven cavity where it would take up valuable cooking area, then there’s the deeper and wider shelves that extend all the way across and to the rear of the oven.


Colour Palette

600SXMP available in Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel

Features include


ILVE’s 60cm ovens include as standard our QuickStart preheat mode that will pre-heat the oven cavity to 175 degrees in 6 minutes

Cool Touch door

ILVE oven doors are triple glazed and tinted to keep the heat inside the oven cavity. This allows the oven to maintain its temperature for longer periods of time and save energy

60cm S Series Oven

  • Select 10 multifunction cooking
  • Conventional heated oven
  • 70 litre oven capacity
  • Easy clean vitreous enamel interior smooth black non staining appearance
  • Easy dismantling of oven interior
  • Triple glazed glass door for safer, cooler door temperatures
  • Right angled Straight-line finish
  • Recessed full width grill element with removable self cleaning roof in both ovens
  • Cool touch athermic door handle and Control panel with door cooling fan
  • Removable oven door and inner door glass
  • Electronic programmable timer
  • Catalytic self cleaning system
  • Stainless steel fan fat filter
  • Sealed Oven – Allows you to cook at lower temperatures and seal’s food flavours in resulting in moister fresher tasting dishes with less food splatter
  • Pizza and bread mode
  • Precision thermostatic control 0°C through to 250°C
  • Quickstart fast preheat time 0°C – 175°C in 6 minutes

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