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ILVE’s new 75cm Pyrolytic Built-in Oven is just one part of the new generation of built-in ovens from ILVE. Offering you endless cooking solutions for your next home feast!

Colour Palette

750SPYTC available in Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel

Features include

Self Cleaning

The Self-cleaning function with pyrolytic cycle can be set at the end of cooking. Raising the temperature in the oven cavity to 475°C and incinerates food residues on the oven walls without leaving unpleasant odors. At the end of the cycle, just wipe with a damp cloth to remove the incinerated residues without the need to use cleaning detergents. For greater safety during the cycle, the oven door is locked by a device that prevents it from opening, while the tan- gential fan keeps running until the temperature falls below the required safety level. The self-cleaning cycle can vary from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the cleaning intensity required; the duration appears on the electronic display of the oven instrument panel

Cool Touch Door with Safety Lock

The door includes 4 layers of hypothermic glass which ensures a lower temperature (45 °C) on the external glass during the self-cleaning cycle (465 °C); The oven also has a safety lock which can be activated without using the self-cleaning cycle or if the oven is not in use; by simultaneously pressing + and – symbols for 3 seconds, which activates the child lock mode (it is unlocked in the same way).

Multifunction oven 75cm Pyrolytic Oven with touch control panel

  • Select 13 specialised manual multifunctional modes
  • Cooking temperature preset for each cooking mode
  • PYRO-clean mode for pyrolytic cleaning with electronic door lock
  • PANA-view full-glass oven door and inner glass
  • Cool touch BIO-safe quadruple glazed glass door
  • ULTRA-Clean smooth grey cavity
  • Oven light mode for cleaning
  • 95 litre oven capacity
  • Bell minute minder
  • Touch control display
  • Accurate digital thermostat control 0°C – 250°C
  • Dark / black tinted glass on door exterior
  • Pre programmable timer
  • Closed door grilling
  • Standard with 1 x set of telescopic runners – with 100% extraction
  • 4 cooking levels
  • Removable oven door and inner door glass
  • Precision thermostat control
  • Included accessories: 2 x Oven racks & 1 x Grill pan (baking dish) set
  • Made in Italy

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