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ILVE’s ILCS45X Combination steam oven allows for cooking healthy and more avour packed meals, preserving the nutritional properties and content. Steaming brings out the natural flavours of food, especially vegetables and meats. The combination with other heating elements also allows you to utilise traditional cooking and multi function cooking modes, with the addition of steam, which make your meals the upmost delicate in taste and appearance.


Colour Palette

ILCS45X available in Black Glass and Stainless Steel.

Black Glass Stainless Steel

Features include

Steam Puff

This function is unique to our product and accessible with any conventional fan option. When selected small amounts of additional steam are released via a port near the rear fan into the oven cavity. This injects moisture into food, helping to preserve nutritional properties and natural flavours for enhanced results especially when cooking roasts or pastry.

A dedicated capillary injects a ‘puff’ of steam into the fan dispersing a fine mist of moisture evenly throughout the oven cavity. This additional ‘puff’ is perfect for maintaining moisture levels to produce the most succulent of roasts, or adding that light texture to the most delicate pastries. ‘Steam Puff’ is available on Oven Functions (Grill, Fan Grill, Fan Forced). ‘Steam Puff’ is not required when using steaming and combination steaming functions.

Dedicated Flowthrough Steam Generator

  • Thermostatically Controlled
  • High Yield Steam Production – Only Heats Water as required
  • Class A Rated Product (European Rating)
  • 140+ minute steaming capacity on 100% Steam Function setting (100 ̊C).
  • Flow Through Steam Generator
  • No water sits within the machine tubing
  • No contaminated boiled water with calcite is pumped back into the water canister
  • Production of steam is very dry, with very little condensation
  • Reduces residual water in the bottom and sides of the Oven Cavity when cooking is finished making clean up a breeze.
  • Coupled with our Decalcifying technology Calcification of the internal components does not occur EVER.

Fast Steam Delivery

The ILVE Combination Steam Oven delivers steam from three different ports. Two ports are dedicated to regular cooking functions and one is used exclusively for the “Steam Puff” function (see below). Competitor products release the steam from one port only.

ILVE’s use of additional steam ports allows for a faster and more even distribution of the steam and In turn,
a more consistent heat which can dramatically improve cooking results.

Bacteri SafeI “Pipe Clean” or Capillary Hygiene System: Residual Water Pump out

At the end of cooking, The ILVE Combination Steamer pumps all internal water back into the water canister. The internal tubing within the machine is not visible or easily accessible, it is important this environment remains safe from bacteria. This reduces change of pathogens (bacteria) infecting water within the Steamer itself.

This will also help reduce corrosion of internal components by limiting to exposure to water, thus, helping reduce calcium build up on internal components.

A prompt to the user will appear to ‘discard any residual water’ left in the water canister to ensure the canisters hygiene.


Touch control Combination Steam Oven

  •  internal capacity: 35 liters
  • CHEF-assist with 60 preset recipes with automatic cooking time and weight preset for a variety of family meals
  • Save upto 100 of your favoured most used recipes
  • 11 combined functions
  • PANA-view full-glass oven door and inner glass
  • stainless steel cavity
  • stainless steel exterior
  • sensor control panel
  • steam cooking (40–130°C)
  • forced-air cooking
  • combined steam and forced-air cooking
  • electronic timer and clock
  • automatic decalcification
  • tangential cooling fan
  • child safety lock
  • 1 x stainless steel tray
  • 1 x flat grill
  • perforated stainless steel tub
  • power: 15 amp, 3-pin plug
  • Made in Italy



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