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ILVE’s ‘G5’ induction cooktops are for people who have been thinking about upgrading their cooktop at home but aren’t able go gas, ILVE’s square induction systems are the ultimate alternative. Unlike normal electric cooktops, induction technology produces heat by creating a magnetic field which generates heat directly to the cooking vessel. This means that the heat is instantaneous, temperature control is immediate and the heat is evenly spread over the bottom of the pan, meaning no more annoying hot or cold spots, the ILVE induction elements also include booster zones to minimize heat up times even further.


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ILD906G5 available in .

Features include


ILVE inductions cook tops have boost and double boost on all zones. Boost allows you to bring large amounts of water to the boil quickly, or get a pan smoking hot. Double boost ensures there is minimal heat recovery time when adding foods to boiling water.


Child Lock- enables the user to lock the cooktop to a set temperature or off . Residual heat indictors – reminds the user cooktop surface may be hot. Auto Stop- turns off the burner if; long absence, accidental start, over ow or over-heating. Auto-Power; heats to the size of pot and temperature adjustment. Power management; alerts user to maximum power allowed for each burner. Long Life Thermostatic Fan (draws air through the cooktop)

90cm Generation 5 Induction Cooktop

  • Designed for simple operation
  • KeraBlack+ glass with Beveled edges : 33mm front & 5mm on the sides
  • Black undercoating (inductor remains invisible, even with bright lighting)
  • New flexÕ Slider touch control with direct access to 11 heating levels (0-9 + Booster and double Booster)
  • Defrosting/melting (42°C), keep warm ( 70°C), simmering (94°C)
  • Auto pan detection
  • White LED display
  • Capacitive technology
  • Ergonomic central position allows more space for the pots
  • 6 super-boosters
  • 6 timers can be used simultaneously
  • Egg-timer
  • 3 bridge functions enable to create 3 large cooking surfaces
  • Standby consumption < 0.5W
  • Stop & Go feature
  • ECO-modus (to reach the chosen heat level using optimised power)
  • Child lock
  • 6 residual heat indicators
  • Long-life Thermostated Cooling fan
  • Auto-Power (heating area and delivered power adapt themselves to the pot being used)
  • Auto-Stop (in case of accidental start, long absence, overflow or over temperature)
  • Fast heat-up time

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