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A true kitchen centrepiece that is sure to demand attention. Featuring the same cook top options as the ILVE Quadra range, these exceptional cookers will compliment any kitchen and its cook. While a highlight of the NEW Majestic range is its 4.3inch touch control display with intuitive & vibrant graphics and logical operation. Touch and sliding movement controls are smooth and easy to use. Within the TFT display you can control the oven temperature and manage the quantity of moisture inside the cooking cavity. Minimal temperature fluctuation is achieved for optimal cooking; reducing temperature spikes, assisting uniform cooking and energy saving, with this new interface, the temperature is adjustable from 30°C - 320°C. Another new feature to the Majestic series is the Steam Valve – eliminating the cooking steam from inside the cavity, offering the possibility of choosing between dry or humid cooking. That way you can get a crispy bread or a tender and juicy roast all from the same oven. The burners have been redesigned still made from brass, a metal alloy that is made with a combination of copper and zinc, guarantees excellent durability and the non-stick nano technological coating provides a lotus effect for easy cleaning also now standard, a DUAL control WOK burner – with efficient and powerful gas supply for a consistent heat distribution and effective heat supply. Not excluded from the range are the standard functions you expect from ILVE, including the electric rotisserie, precision thermostatic control, concealed grill element, programmable timer and turbo wave cooking feature, not to mention the digital food monitor. The unique style of the Majestic Freestanding Ovens stands out above the rest and to enhance this, ILVE offers the ability to create a customised and individual look. Pick one of seven colours with brass, chrome, bronze or the NEW copper fittings; and select from five available sizes (70cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm and 150cm). Also available are matching range hoods with infrared heat lamps (AM series). Living up to expectations, ILVE is bringing incomparable design, choice and functionality to the everyday Australian kitchen.

Double Electric

  • Feature

    • ILVE’s iconic Majestic design with bevelled style door & ornate knobs and handle Integrated twin cavity cooling system
    • Integrated twin cavity cooling systems
    • Two Grill elements for static and fan grill cooking in each oven
    • Sealed oven: lower temperatures, less food spatter
    • TFT Control: Simple, with intuitive and straightforward graphics and operating logics. Touch and sliding movement controls. On a single display you can control the temperatures of two ovens and manage the quantity of moisture inside the cooking chamber
    • A class energy rated
    • S-Move soft close doors
    • Hand built by ILVE’s assembly technicians
  • Capacities

    • Primary Oven: 97 litre oven NET use-able space, size (cm) 64.5w × 36.5h × 41d
    • Second Oven: 43 litre oven NET use-able space, size (cm) 27.5w × 35.5h × 44d
    • Dual oven cavity lights on sides of oven for increased visibility & a single cavity light in the secondary oven
  • Functions

    • Primary Oven: Select 15 multifunction cooking modes
    • Secondary Oven: Select 5 multifunction cooking modes
    • Controlled steam exhaust with dry or humid (wet) cooking options
    • Temperature control: 30/300°C electronic temperature control (main oven)
  • Cleaning

    • NEW ULTRA-EZI Clean interiors
    • NEW grey enamel interiors
    • Removable doors with dismountable inner glass for easy cleaning
    • Full Glass inner doors for an easy cleaning
    • Tilting grill elements for an easier cleaning
  • Safety

    • Triple glazed glass door: tinted to keep the heat inside the oven and resulting in a ‘cool to touch’ door exterior
    • Cool touch athermic door handle and knobs
    • Equipped with the “Child safety” function
  • Accessories (total)

    • 3 x oven racks
    • 2 x Baking tray with grill insert
    • 1 x Electric rotisserie set
    • Digital food monitor (roast probe)
    • Adjustable feet (removable)

Gas or Induction

  • Feature

    • Hob made from 12/10 AISI 304 steel cooking surface
    • Large cooking surface with spacious burner layout
    • Precision turn down control with low simmer on each burner
    • 40mm Curved cooking surface fascia edging
    • Hand built by ILVE’s assembly technicians
    • Cast iron heavy duty trivets & burner caps finished in Matt Black
    • Easy in-bench serviceability
  • Gas Cooktop Burners

    • Versatile Seven or Eight burner gas cooktop with professional style pot rests
    • ILVE’s famous 8mm thick solid stainless steel Solid Stainless Steel Tepanyaki Hot Plate sits over 2 gas burners (1 large & 1 small) with high consistent heat: M12F
    • Two zone induction cooking section: Both zones are 1.85kw - 3.7kw, Zone Ø: 18cmØ (front) & 22cmØ (rear) & Tepanyaki Plate: M12FI
    • Professional five burner gas cooktop with a cast iron 'Coup de Feu' Chef's style simmer plate with removable rings: M12S
    • Solid brass burners treated with ILVE’s patented Nano technology matt black non-stick coating
    • Triple ring Dual control solid brass Infinity WOK burner
    • Our new burner design is up to 8% more efficient than ILVE’s previous brass burners with CO2 emission reduced by 66%
    • New flame configuration with two rows of holes with a specific diameter and inclination to improve the burner and flame performance
  • Cleaning

    • Easy clean removable trivets and burners (gas cooktop model Only)
    • Easy to wipe clean toughened ceran glass (induction model only)
    • Deep cooktop pressing designed to retain spillages
  • Safety

    • All gas burners fitted with flame failure cut out safety devices (gas cooktop model only)
    • Automatic electronic ignition (gas cooktop model only)
    • All zones fitted with child lock cut out safety device (induction model only)


  • Technical Specifications

    • 1216mm Wide
    • 780mm High (without feet)
    • 700mm Deep
    • Hard Wired
      (cable not supplied) &
      Gas Connection
    • M127 gas consumption:
      76.3 MJ/h
    • M128 gas consumption:
      76.3 MJ/h
    • M12F gas consumption:
      76.3 MJ/h
    • M12FI consumption:
      61.6 MJ/h
      7.4 kW
    • M12S consumption:
      66.15 MJ/h
The unique style of the Majestic Freestanding Ovens stands out above the rest and to enhance this, ILVE offers the ability to create a customised and individual look. Pick one of four colours with Majestic styling; and select from six available sizes. You can also make your product completely bespoke by selecting one of 213 custom RAL colours. Design Your Oven Now!
All ILVE gas cooktops burn with an unmistakable consistent blue flame. Why is that so important and why blue? The answer lies in the attention to detail we apply to the patented design of our brass burners and the air flow system that supplies them. All ILVE gas burners are made using solid brass with technical precision resulting in a superior performance. Brass is denser than commonly used aluminum and far more stable at high cooking temperatures and will not oxidise or pit, meaning ILVE burner holes will never clog with impurities. This would be evident in a more yellow flame and less heat output. ILVE brass burner holes are machined on an angle to enable the blue flame to curl inwards towards the centre of the burner delivering optimum cooking efficiency.
Further customise your appliance by selecting from one of our 4 available selections of decorative styling
ILVE are famous for their gas cooktops! Built with commercial performance in-mind, we have finessed what a gas cooktop needs to be so you get the best performance at home. The burners, still made from brass ensure that quality is matched by performance