ILVE professional and freestanding gas cooktops burn with an unmistakable consistent blue flame. Why is that so important and why blue? The answer lies in the attention to detail we apply to the patented design of our brass burners and the air flow system that supplies them.

Our gas burners are made using solid brass with technical precision resulting in a superior performance. Brass is denser than commonly used aluminum. As such it is far more stable at high cooking temperatures and will not oxidise or pit, meaning ILVE burner holes will never clog with impurities. This would be evidenced in a more yellow flame and less heat output.

With the ILVE burner system the gas and air intake is located horizontally so that flow is never affected by the heat even after prolonged use. This clever design combined with the stability of brass maintains the efficiency of the burner over time. ILVE’s consistent blue flame is the visible indication of this complete, efficient combustion providing maximum heat with no drop off.

Furthermore ILVE brass burner holes are machined on an angle to enable the blue flame to curl inwards towards the centre of the burner. As such the base of saucepans are heated from the middle-out delivering optimum cooking efficiency. The superiority and longevity of ILVE’s solid brass burners is supported by their market leading 25 year warranty.

*please confirm with ILVE if you are unsure that your cooktop has brass burners.


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