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ILWDD154X Dual Zone Double Door Wine Cellar Tower


The ILVE Wine Cellars are the newest addition to the impressive ILVE collection. Allowing you to store wine in an optimum humidity and temperature controlled environment, boasting an impressive array of features with the sleek look that is signature of ILVE appliances. It has been established that wine should be stored in a dark area, in a temperature of approximate 12°C – 16°C and with a humidity level of around 70% to ensure the cork doesn’t dry out and the wine doesn’t spoil. These conditions can be difficult to find naturally in the home, so the ILVE Wine Cellars are a great option for the long-term storage of wine, as the humidity and single temperature control feature that keeps wine stored between 12°C and 16°C ensures that wine quality is maintained as it matures. Key features include an internal white LED light and electronic control panel, as well as wooden shelves that can easily house your ‘ready to drink’ or matured wine.

Colour Palette

Tower available in Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel

Features include


The Five Essential Rules of Wine Storage

ILVE wine cellars ensure your wines are stored in the ideal cellaring conditions by respecting these 5 wine storage rules;

1. Stable Temperature between 12°C – 14°C

Daily and weekly temperature fluctuations denature your wines. In particular, temperatures above 25°C will ruin wine within a couple of weeks and create ‘spoiled fruit’ flavours.

2. Humidity Above 50%

Levels lower than this cause corks to dry out and shrink, allowing damaging air into the wine, creating oxidation and off-odours.

3. Dark Storage area

All light should be avioded, but the UV light in particular: it creates hydrogen sulphide compounds in wine and affects the tannins and the colour of your wine.

4. No Vibrations

Imperceptible vinrations prematurely deteriorate wine by speeding up chemical reactions and ageing.

5. Airflow

Lack of appropriate ventilation and air change makes wine cellars become stale and mouldy.

  •  Stainless steel double door fascia
  •  Tinted anti-UV glass door
  •  3 layered glass doors
  •  Black interior and body
  •  154 bottles (750ml wine bottles)
  •  Door lock / child lock
  •  2 x Telescopic shelves
  •  Built-in or freestanding installation
  •  149-litre dual-zone wine cabinet
  •  4–18°C temperature range each compartment
  •  >65% humidity
  •  white LED temperature display
  •  R600a refrigerant
  •  Compressor cooling system
  •  Frost free
  •  14 wooden shelves with stainless steel facia
  • Available with Left or Right hand hinge

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